Anticipate The Release Of John Wick: Chapter 3

The popular action movie; John Wick is set to be premiere at cinemas on Friday, May 17th and a lot of movie enthusiasts can’t wait to see the latest update.

John Wick chapter 3

                                                                                                      John Wick

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The first of the series was released in 2014, with Keanu Reeves playing the role of the protagonist who was forced to revenge the death of his dog after the death of his wife. In the sequel; Chapter 2, released in February 2017, the Jonathan, Known as John in the movie, continued on his killing spree. His motive took a turn from just revenge to an even greater cause. The movie,  directed by Chad Stahelski and written by Derek Kolstad held its world premiere screening at Brooklyn, last Thursday, ahead of the general cinema release on the 17th of May. The latest part of the John Wick movie series has Halle Berry acting as a fellow assassin to meet up John Wick in Morroco.

Chapter 3- Parabellum has now seen John as a bounty bait who worth has been valued at $14 Million dollars after killing highly respected assassin at the Continental Hotel, where violence is highly prohibited.

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