#MotivateMe: 5 Items For Your Monday Starter Pack

It’s another Monday, and definitely the start of another working week. Monday is here and has presented another opportunity to get things right this week. If you were not able to accomplish your task for the week last week, there are probably items missing in your Monday starter pack. Before you panic once again this week, here are things you should consider to achieve more this week.


                                                                                          Monday Stater Pack

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Have A To Do List: Whether your an entrepreneur or an employee, you need to have the list sorted by the start of the week. This would help provide direction to what you are meant to achieve this week. Having a to-do list also increase the sense of accomplishment as it allows you to strike through the completed tasks on your lists, this way, the tension would be released by the end f the week.

Prioritize: Prioritizing your work according to the order of importance is extremely necessary.  To do this, you need to differentiate between Urgent and Important tasks. While there are some tasks that urgent but not important, there are also some important tasks that are not urgent, and finally some urgent and important tasks. When you have sorted out each category of the tasks, then you can equally distribute your time to be able to achieve more.

Be Time Conscious: There is nothing as bad as exhausting your time on doing noting especially on a Monday. It turns out that those tasks you ignored, would later haunt you during the week, which is why it is important to be time conscious when carrying out your ask. There is no crime if you end up completing your tasks right on time.

Take Breaks: When you overwork your self, your body would begin to react and you will end up underperforming. It is important that after working over a long period of time, you take a break to regain your strength as well think properly for the next task ahead. Short breaks are necessary, which is why your list with timelines is extremely necessary.

Be positive: If you want to crush those task, then it is imperative to stay positive. A positive mindset would help achieve more. Positivity helps to retain your energy and you would definitely need the energy throughout the week, to keep you going. Stay positive, do greater things.

If you have these 5 items in your Monday starter pack then you are good to go for the week. go on and break a leg!

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