#ThrowbackFashion: Which of these styles did you rock? 

Throwback Thursday

                                                                                 Baggy Jeans

It’s another throwback Thursday! As the world keeps changing, fashion styles would definitely evolve. The last few decades have seen the vintage styles being recycled and retouched. Many of the fashion ideas of today got their inspirations from the past.  

In Nigeria particularly, there are certain styles that have been recycled and might be here to stay. From traditional wears to smart office outfits, there are a lot of style inspirations that are yet to be explored. With the infusion of ideas from the past, there is only a little difference between vintage styles and modern styles. Take a look of some mind-blowing styles in the 60s. 

Throwback fashion


Oleku: Popular among women from the South West of Nigeria, this style rocked the fashion scene in the 60s. It included a short wrapper (Iro) and a short-sleeved blouse (Buba) which was finally completed with a head tie. The style was combined using the same fabric as well as different fabric per piece.  

Throwback fashion

                                                     Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts: Pleated skirt saw the peak of western fashion in Nigeria. It was a must-have for women who were fashionable in the 80s and 90s. The pleated skirts were high waist fashion and also had a lot of patterns and designs. The skirts were worn with short sleeved plain shirts, as well as chiffon tops. It was the perfect office look of the day.

Throwback Thursday

                                                                           Block heels

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Block heels: The vintage period saw the rise of the demand for the block/court heels between the 60-90s period. It was the perfect combination for any kind of occasion; both formal and semi-formal. They came in different colours and sizes, according to the taste of the wearer.  They were also quite comfortable to wear than the more recent pencil heels that have seemed to have taken over. 
Vintage styles are definitely back to stay, and we are ready for it. Which of these styles did you rock? 

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