Jorginho Convinced Azpilicueta Is Influential In How Chelsea Wants To Play

Chelsea captain Azpilicueta is convinced Jorginho is important for Chelsea and is influential in how they want to play.

“Jorginho is a very important player for us,” Azpilicueta said. “But this is his first season in England, first time at a new club.”

Jorginho has come under heavy criticism this season for his performances, especially as his inclusion meant Kante has had to move higher up the pitch – a move that left the team inconsistent.

“Sometimes all of us have struggled because when the results are not there it means we’re not doing the perfect job.

“This was an important game for him. He grew into the game by getting more control, creating more space for the two attacking midfielders where he could find them in very dangerous positions.

“We can see that every time we find him and give him more space he can create that pass and move forward. It also meant we could enjoy more space in front of us.”

Chelsea are currently battling on two fronts – in the premier league as they fight for a top-four finish and in the Europa where they face Frankfurt in the semi-final.


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