Boeing CEO Blames Pilot Of Not Completely Following Instructions During Ethiopian Airlines Crash

Boeing’s CEO, Dennis Muilenburg,  has said that the pilots of the fatal Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max craft did not “completely” follow the manufacturers emergency procedures during the flight.

He made the statement while addressing shareholders at the company’s annual meeting in Chicago on Monday. His assertions contradicted an investigation into the crash which found that Ethiopian Airlines pilots had followed Boeing’s own procedures but could not stop the plane from crashing.

Muilenberg had also initially apologised for the incident and admitted that a sensor had malfunctioned during the flight.

He seems to walk back on that on Monday when he said the flight’s automated MCAS anti-stall software system – which was believed to be the potential issue in the fatal crash, met the company’s own safety criteria.

He also vouched for the plane’s design and said that there was no “technical slip or gap” in building the planes.

His recent statement also contradicts what Ethiopia’s transport minister, Dagmawit Moges said aftermath of the investigation into the crash.

Mr Moges said the crew “performed all the procedures repeatedly provided by the manufacturer but was not able to control the aircraft.”

Also in a statement, Ethiopian Airlines said it could confirm beyond reasonable doubt that the crew followed the right procedures.

A US National Transportation Safety Board also turned the focus on the company and away from the airline.

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