Winter Is Here And The #BattleOfWinterfell Is At Hand

When you play the games of thrones, you either win or die

And that is exactly what many are expecting from the episode 3, of the season 8 of Games of Thrones dubbed the Battle of Winterfell which pits the living against the Night King and his army of the dead or the undead.

The living will either win this battle or die trying to as all the major characters converge where it all began – Winterfell, and probably where it will end for most of them too.

And for once, they are all on the same page, except maybe for Ceicei, who still harbors ulterior motives and is still very much thinking of the Iron Throne and how the Lannisters can rule the seven kingdoms.

So, what makes the battle of Winterfell television’s most talked about and anticipated battle?

Apart from the characters who many have come to connect to – either positively or negatively, there is the sheer effort put into filming the battle that makes it one for the history books.

According to reports, the battle, which is 82 minutes long took 11 weeks to film 750 people on scene which makes it the longest episode of Game Of Thrones.

It ois also believed to be the longest Battle sequence in TV history and probably longer than the Battle of Helm’s Deep

It also 55 nights to shoot it and 15 million dollars to produce, just for our entertainment, well if we can call it that after our favourite characters die.

I hope you have your therapy’s number handy, because Winter is Here.

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