Man Beaten Outside Theatre For Yelling ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Spoilers

The Avenger: Endgame is out in theatre, and while it is breaking all sort of records, many still haven’t watched it, which makes spoilers, especially on the internet annoying.

At least, those ones can hide behind their screen and tweet spoilers, from the safety of their room.

In Hong Kong, a man took it further, by yelling spoilers in front of a theatre of all places after watching the movie.

And of course he paid for it as he was left beaten and bloodied after a group of people, there to watch the film descended on him and thought him a lesson – that spoilers are bad, and doing it in front of a cinema is somewhat dangerous.

Throughout the world, people have been asked not to ruin the movie for others, which is completely understandable, as the spectacle of the film lies in finding out for yourself, what happened – whether good or bad.

Even the Russo brothers, who directed the film have pleaded with people not to ruin the excitement for others.

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