3 Things That Can Land You In Kirikiri!

In this world of strange things, there are some things that baffle us, what we are about to tell you is not one of them.

Apart from armed robbery, stealing and the usual suspects, there are some very avoidable things that can land you in Kirikiri max prison. Okay, well, maybe not Kirikiri, but you get the gist – Jail or an arrest may be lurking in your future if you try these things.

Plus, we have heard all the horror stories from behind Naija bars, that is not a place you want to end up. So,  here are the 3 things that can put you in BIG trouble:

Motorists driving against traffic on a one-way road

  1. One-Way Wahala:

Number one on the list of super, super, super silly things is driving against traffic on a one-way road.

Traffic laws in Nigeria are becoming a very important part of the Nigerian society. Safety and common sense dictate it.

For instance, the Lagos State Traffic Laws has provided some pretty hefty penalties for a couple of offences.  You can get a N300,000 fine for not having a fire extinguisher in your vehicle. Then, the big one is the possibility of 3 months in jail for driving on a one-way road! So, anytime you see this sign on the road, plix, steer clear or else you could be singing hymns behind bars.

  1. Curfew Taboos:

So in some states in Nigeria, whether for religious reasons, security purposes, curfews are imposed by ogas at the top. Now, we don’t know about you but some of the hottest parties happen when they shouldn’t. It’s the law of odds. But if you think of the options of getting arrested and that bumper party, we don’t have to give you any aid. YOLO. But, erm, jail is real!

  1. Pre-registered Sim ‘ish’:

Okay, this one is pretty annoying because it is extremely avoidable. It’s quite simple, don’t buy a sim card that has already been registered by somebody else. If you don’t have to go to a telco retail store to register it by yourself, stay away! See, if you bought an MTN sim card, all you have to do is visit a valid service centre, with a valid means of identification (international passport, drivers licence, etc) and you will be done in less than 10 minutes. So, 10 minutes or jail?

You can’t say we never helped you. There are some easy ways to avoid swerving the wrong way of the law. Enough said.

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