I Am 29 and I Love Disney, Sue Me!

Okay, I watched Snow White, the film, for the first time when I was six years old (I was puzzled by all the ‘floating’). There is a legendary story of how I could watch the show on a loop as long as there was somebody around to rewind the cassette and hit play again. At the tender age of six I had become an expert on all things ‘Disney’.

My mother didn’t understand my intense fascination, but I always found a way. Naija no dey carry last! (Even if the Naija is a six-year old child that spent the better part of the day plotting ways to get everyone to watch her favourite cartoons).

Those times, sitting cross legged in front of a whole new world flashing before my eyes is a beautiful memory I still reminisce.  And the best part about it is that 23 years after, I’m being paid for it! Lol! See, watching tv pays!

My year just went up a few notches in the ‘Happy Scale’ when I found out that Disney partnered with MTN Nigeria and launched a mobile web app service that is bringing exclusive content straight to my phone (short films, trailers, wallpapers, recipes, etc). I don’t understand why anyone thought it was strictly meant for children. I am an adult and I am very proud of my Disney watching abilities. Can you guess who was one of the thousands that subscribed for the service?

And when I clicked ‘subscribe’, I felt like Sharpay Ryan when she gets things done, exactly how she wants it. (Just google High School Musical…) That world of excitement, youthfulness and vitality is available on my phone and all I have to do is click. How does it get better than that?

A singer once said, ‘what a wonderful world’! I can agree…

You can subscribe to the MTN Disney Service via SMS and WEB channels. Just text Disney to 11006 or log in to www.Disneynigeria.mobi to gain a 30-day access to a wide range of content including short form videos, wallpaper, ringtones, Gifs, stories, fun fact, Disney news, competition and games.

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