How MTN is Bringing Disney Fairy Tales to Life

Remember the intense sensation you felt watching Scar allow Mufasa fall off that cliff in the legendary Lion King? (Don’t get goosebumps yet!)  Remember how you sang along to Mulan’s fantastic soundtracks? Or how fascinated you were by Cinderella’s coming-of-age story? And how can I describe those great Disney cutouts and pictures that made childhood super interesting, because let’s face it, being a child wasn’t always about toys and long breakfasts.

Well, get ready to relive your childhood and go back to the 90s with Disney this April as MTN, in partnership with Disney, wIll be bringing back our favourite shows  and more. Aladdin, Snow White, Beauty (along with the Beast!) and Pinocchio, will be right in front of us. (Well, right in your mobile device.) No holiday gift will top a great offering to make April a bit merrier. Who am I kidding? A lot merrier.

This amazing collaboration between Disney and MTN, was launched late last year amidst unforgetable fanfare. Some of your favourite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, as well as celebrities like Chidinma, Chigurl and Spiff (The Johnsons)  were present at the exciting launch.

The partnership allows MTN subscribers to watch and stream original Disney content, simply by logging on to disneynigeria.mobi. You get to have a blast, with a topping of fun and the best part is; it only costs #200 every month. Excited yet?

Imagine being one of the first to get an exclusive first look at the latest Disney movie trailers and shows. On Disney Nigeria, you’ll get updates on your favourite shows and movies, watch short Disney films, play online games and catch highlights of your favourite shows and movies.

You can subscribe to the MTN Disney Service via SMS and WEB channels. Just text Disney to 11006 or log in to www.Disneynigeria.mobi to gain a 30-day access to a wide range of content including short form videos, wallpaper, ringtones, Gifs, stories, fun fact, Disney news, competition and games.

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