Easter Is About To Be ‘Goals’!

Some of us have been waiting for Easter since January 2nd  when the festivities officially came to a close for many. Since then, we’ve had to hustle our way through a challenging year so far, from the elections to the extremely hot weather conditions (Uhhh feels like Nigeria is so close to the sun right now). But be calm, the powers that be have decided that your Easter will have a sprinkle of fairy tale, a hint of starry eyes and yet your account would not have that ‘After Festivities look’ that we all fear.

If you are an avid TV or movie watcher and you need a space to clear your head from all the Nigerian realities giving us headaches for eons, just know that there is another world with limitless fun for you.

You are wondering what it is? It’s Disney, baby! So, MTN and Disney launched a mobile web service that gives all access to exclusive content like short films, wallpapers, recipes, trailers, etc, all at an affordable price – N200. Okay, pick up your jaw from the floor. Just pick it up first!

So Easter will be goals for you whether you like it or not. You can only determine what type of goals. Do you want to keep complaining about the wahala in the country and over-thinking or in a world of imagination that can give you ideas and peace of mind?! Take a pick of which goals you want, but for some of us we already know what goals.

You can subscribe to the MTN Disney Service via SMS and WEB channels. Just text Disney to 11006 or log in to www.Disneynigeria.mobi to gain a 30-day access to a wide range of content including short form videos, wallpaper, ringtones, Gifs, stories, fun fact, Disney news, competition and games.

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