Dalai Lama hospitalised With Chest Infection

The Dalai Lama has been hospitalized with a chest infection, but is in a stable condition, his aides said Tuesday.

After the 83-year-old Tibetan Buddhist monk returned to his home of Dharamsala in the Himalayas, he is reported to have felt a pain in the chest.
“He was brought to Delhi for check up. The doctors said he had some sort of a chest infection. He is fine and stable. He’ll be treated for two more days,” one of his aide said.
The Dalai Lama has been in exile for 60 years after an unsuccessful revolt following the arrival of Chinese troops in Tibet.
He has since been in India.
The 83-year old cut his travels last year because of age and exhaustion.
It is unclear who will succeed him when he dies, or if there would be another Dalai Lama.
The title of Dalai Lama is bestowed on the highest-ranking leader in Tibetan Buddhism, who is believed to be an incarnation of religious leaders.

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