Poacher Tramped By Elephant And Eaten By Lion

A suspected rhino poacher has been trampled on by an elephant and then eaten by a pride of lions in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Other poachers told the victim’s family that the deceased had been killed elephant who tramped on him and was later devoured by a pride of Lion.

The family contacted the park ranger.

A search party was sent to look out for him, but were unable to find his body – but found a human skull and a pair of trousers.

The managing executive of the park warned others of the dangers of entering the park illegally.

“Entering Kruger National Park illegally and on foot is not wise,” he said.

“It holds many dangers and this incident is evidence of that.”

Kruger National Park has an ongoing problem with poaching because of strong demand for rhino horn in Asian countries.

On Saturday, Hong Kong airport authorities seized the biggest haul of rhino horn in five years, valued at $2.1m (£1.6m).

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