‘It’s Sad’ – Gabrielle Union Defends Husband After Paul Pierce’s Comment

Gabrielle Union has come to the defence of her husband, Miami heats guard, Dwayne Wade, after former Celtic player, Paul Pierce said he was the better player of the two.

During Friday’s edition of NBA Countdown, Paul Pierce had asserted that he was the better player and would have won more rings had he played with Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James during his prime.

Asked who was the better player, Pierce said: “That’s easy, that’s me!”

“If you give me Shaq, if you give LeBron. If you give me these guys early in my career. You give me these guys at 24-25 and I would be sitting here with five or six championships easy,” he said.

Gabrielle Union, via Twitter opined that it was wrong for the former all star to try elevate himself by bringing another man down.

“This Paul Pierce thing is wrong on many obvious levels but what I find most troublesome is this idea of a man trying to diminish another man that looks like him, was raised like him, in order to shine a tad brighter. Shit isnt entertaining, it’s sad. love &  light, good people.” she wrote.

“We do not have to buy into the notion that there is only so much love, attention, resources, opportunities, respect to go around. This scarcity mindset is a trap. It keeps us all fighting amongst ourselves. Reject that shit.” she concluded.


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