Britain Begins Issuance Of Passport Without European Union Mark

Britain has begun issuing passports without the words “European Union” inscribed in the front cover.

This is coming despite Brexit being delayed and the House of Commons rejecting Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal three times.

The interior ministry said Saturday that a longstanding decision to start introducing passports without reference to the EU had gone ahead from March 30, the day after the original date for Brexit.

The Minister said that the some newly issued passports will omit references to the EU at the top of the cover while others will bear it.

He also sad both will be “equally valid for travel”.

“In order to use leftover stock and achieve best value for the taxpayer, passports that include the words ‘European Union’ will continue to be issued for a short period,” a spokeswoman added.

British passports have become ensnared in the country’s Brexit divisions after the government announced in 2017 it would return to traditional blue passports “to restore national identity”.

Mrs May was forced to ask for another extension until June 30 to prevent Britain exiting with no deal despite the EU growing increasingly impatient with situation in Britain.

May is currently trying another tactics – this time to strike a deal with the opposition Labour party, although Labour remained steadfast and has hinted at no compromise.

British finance minister Philip Hammond nonetheless struck an optimistic tone at a meeting Saturday of European finance ministers in Bucharest telling reporters“I expect we will reach some form of agreement,”



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