Targeted Fake News Affected My Polling Numbers – Moghalu

Presidential candidate of the Youth Progressive Party (YPP), Professor Kingsley Moghalu, has said the targeted fake news against him in the lead up to the presidential elections affected his party’s votes during the  February 23 polls.

In an interview, his first after the elections, Moghalu said there were “many credible indications” that he was the target of fake news and electoral fraud by those who were threatened by his message and candidacy.

“I was the only presidential candidate targeted with such fake news campaign a few days to the election,” he said. “The campaigns depressed our votes because many people in the northern states (Buhari’s voting base) and the southern states (Atiku’s voting base) believed it.”

He also said he would not challenge the result of the election, especially as he didn’t come second and would instead focus on electoral reforms.

“Anyone that complains,” he said, “should first look in the mirror.”

“Did you vote? If so, for who? The status quo or for something new, different and bold?”


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