Algerians Celebrate Bouteflika’s Resignation

Algerians are celebrating the resignation of leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika who resigned after two decades in power.

The 82-year-old resigned yesterday in the face of ongoing street demonstrations that demanded for his ouster.

Jubilant crowd gathered in the capital Algiers to cheer the news, but many said they were determined to reject any transition that still gives Bouteflika any power.

One of the protesters, 35-year-old Amal vowed to continue to march “against the system”

“I want my daughter to remember this historic day. Bouteflika’s gone, but it’s far from over,” While many leaders were disposed during the Arab spring, the wind change didn’t spread to Algeria and Bouteflika remained in power.

It wasn’t until he announced that he would seek a fifth term in office that Algerians took to the streets in protest.

He dropped the bid and postponed the election, but protesters were not appeased. They wanted him to leave office instead, and called him move a play to stay in power.

On Monday, he announced that he would resign before the end of his tenure at the end of the month.

But protest continued until the state television told the Constitutional Council of the end of his term of office as President of the Republic.

“This decision which I take in my soul and conscience is destined to contribute to the appeasement of the hearts and minds of my compatriots, to allow them to take Algeria towards a better future to which they legitimately aspire,” his resignation letter said.



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