Algerian President, Bouteflika Resigns Amidst Protests

Algerian President Bouteflika has resigned, bowing to mass protest against his government.

He plans to leave the role before the end of his term on April 28.

Mr Bouteflika will maintain his position as defence minister in a caretaker government while General Gaid Saleh, who had said Bouteflika was unfit for office on health grounds, will remain as military chief of staff.

The President had earlier renounced a bid to run for a fifth term in office.

Mr Bouteflika made the decision following weeks of protest against his government in the capital, but the opposition believe the caretaker government is an extension of the old government.

The transition government composed of 27 ministers, including six members of the former cabinet.

In a statement, the opposition said the new government only aims to “the continuity of the regime and the repressive presidential system rejected by the overwhelming majority.”
“It is unclear on what basis these figures were chosen,” the statement added.

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