Kylie Jenner Insists She’s A ‘Self-Made Billionaire’

Kylie Jenner believes she is infact a self-made billionaire.

Earlier this month, Forbes, in its magazine cover, described her “the youngest-ever,self-made billionaire” based on the success of her Kylie Cosmetics brand.

The caption didn’t sit well with many who felt Kylie leveraged on the success and brand of her family. The Dictionary even weighed in on the matter, with the definition of the word self-made. 

The 21-year old model believes there is really no other word to describe her other than “self-made”.

She told  Interview magazine.”There’s really no other word to use other than self-made because that is the truth. That is the category that I fall under.”

She did admit her case was a unique one based on the platform she had before starting out her cosmetic line, but insists she did not receive any money from her parent to start out.

“[I] am a special case because before I started Kylie Cosmetics, I had a huge platform and lots of fans.

“I did not get money from my parents past the age of 15,” Kylie said. “I used 100 percent of my own money to start the company, not a dime in my bank account is inherited and I am very proud of that.”

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