British Lawmakers Reject A No Deal Brexit

British lawmakers have voted against a no-deal Brexit by 321 votes to 278 amid fears having no deal in place could potentially lead to economic turmoil and uncertainty with Northern Island.

The results means the lawmakers will would return for a vote on Thursday on whether to go ahead with Brexit on March 29, or delay the process.

The lawmakers approved Prime Minister, Theresa May’s amended motion that rejects the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a withdrawer agreement.

Even if there was no agreement in place, Britain could still crash out of the EU on March 29 based on the default agreement and especially if he EU fails to give Britain more time.

There is also a referendum on Irish unity as Ireland, who voted to remain in the EU, awaits the decision of England. Ireland and Scotland both voted remain, but could leave the EU if Westminster leaves.
The story is the same in Scotland where there have been growing calls for a second referendum, not just on Brexit, but also on their membership of the UK as well.


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