SisiYemmie, Lasisi Elenu, Tobi Bakre and others were featured in The Plaqad Influencer Compensation Report 2019

The Plaqad Influencer Compensation Report is the first-ever Influencer Compensation Report in Nigeria.

It is no secret that we are very much in the age of social media influencers. Thanks to the power of social media, word of mouth advertising has never been more effective owing to the vast reach of different social media platforms. Young Nigerians with a strong presence on social media are living in a golden era, where they earn big driving awareness, engagement and buyer action for brands by leveraging on their huge follower base, great engagement numbers and trust built over the years (or months) with their audience.

However, while influencer marketing is a well-known form of marketing around the world, it is still a budding industry and not so much is known about how these influencers are remunerated. To help industry stakeholders in Nigeria better understand how influencer compensation works, we surveyed one thousand (1,000) social media influencers on matters relating to compensation and rewards and captured our findings in the Influencer Compensation Report.

The report extensively explores issues relating to influencer compensation and is a great resource for CEOs, CMOs, Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Consultants, Brand Managers and Experts, Journalists, Regulatory bodies and other industry stakeholders looking to fully understand how compensation in this growing industry works.

With the rise of influencer marketing and the growing preference for this form of marketing over traditional marketing channels, more brands are committing millions of dollars to influencer marketing. While the numbers indicate that influencers seem to have more leverage in payment negotiations and are unlikely to settle for less than the amount they feel they deserve, it is important that all industry players collaborate on ensuring influencer compensation/payment is a win-win for both brands/agencies and influencers.

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