Sounds From The Underground: @ObaGunzz – Boomerang

The Nigerian music scene is what I would describe an a non-stop roller coaster of the good and the bad – a marriage between the genuinely good, and the ridiculously bad – a mixtures that no doubt bamboozles us, leaving us scratching our heads – wondering, why?

There are just so many songs being churned out daily that one is forgiven for getting lost in the cacophony of it all. Yet, sometimes, we hear a new song, and wonder why we haven’t heard it before, or why is this not on radio.

Gunzz’s Boomerang is one of those songs you hear blasting from another car stuck in traffic, and wish for once the traffic would stand still so you could at least get to finish the song.

Boomerang is a body mover, without sacrificing lyrical quality  (Gunzz has been one of the best lyricists in the country for a while) and more importantly, shows how the Nigerian hip hop sound can evolve to find a middle ground between the danceable and the substantial, without a resolute doggedness to any.

Gunzz is unique in that he doesn’t have his peers’ penchance to be an harbinger of whatever is in vogue – rather, he seeks to create its own unique path to the ears and heart of listeners.

Listen to Boomerang here:

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