OSG Tweet chat with Unlimited LA

It was an exciting Thursday on Twitter as the OSG team had an interesting tweet chat session with the creative Music producer and director, Unlimited LA. Here’s the conversation you might have missed:


Q: Hey guys!! it’s time for the #OSGTweetchat with @unlimitedla. Hey @unlimitedla ?
Great!! Let’s get right to it  . Tell us a bit about yourself. .

Unlimited LA: I’m a Yoruba boy that lives in lagos Nigeria

Q: Lool great!. Can you describe the “Unlimited LA” brand?

Unlimited LA: UNLIMITED L.A is a cinematographer, music video director and film maker, CEO MSAYC ENT. & productions ?

Q: A lot of talent in one person! . As you said before you’re a Yoruba boy based in lagos, so how would you describe the music scene in Nigeria?

Unlimited LA: Still growing…

Q: Being a music video director, you are an essential part of the music industry in Nigeria. With that being said what do you think it takes to be a music video director?

UnlimitedLA: U have to be very passionate about it, cos limited resources in the country can frustrate u.
I actually had to learn how to do almost everything(in each department) my self… editing, color grading, set design, directing, cinematography, concept creation, PR,etc?

Q: Wow that is a lot!
What are some challenges you have faced in the course of being a music video director?

Unlimited LA: Nobody believed, the ones that believe a little used me, but all was part of growing process

Q: True talk!
What is the thought process like in regards to music video directing?

Unlimited LA: Not all songs are ‘sweet’ so as a director, u need to fall in love with something about the song, it cld be the baseline, or a phrase in the lyrics…. anything to spark up a creative thought

Q: Being a director requires a high level of creativity. . On final note, mention some of your favourite videos you have directed?

Unlimited LA: All my videos

Q: Lol great, thank you for doing this. Was a lovely conversation.

Unlimited LA: U welcome, I’m actually on set right now ?


Watch out for more exciting conversation with other amazing personalities..


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