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MONI (The Girl That Got Out)

MONI (The Girl That Got Out) starring Mojy Show who also wrote and produced the short film, and directed by Tunde Abiola, displays the narrative of a young woman succumbed to an unfortunate circumstance. A circumstance that occurs all too frequently; really an antique yet unceasing crisis. This crisis is one that regards 1 out of every 6 female children, girls, and adult women or for the power of perspective, an estimated 17.7 million female children, teenage girls, and women are victims of attempted or completed rape, here in the United States. What about in our motherland Africa?…though there are very few to almost no reliable sources for the continent of Africa as a whole…several studies have repeated that on average, 1 in 4 female children, teenage girls and women have experienced the gruesome act of completed rape…and those are only the ones that were reported. Both myself writing this and you as the reader know all too well, that the unreported skews these numbers! The short story of Moni is another clear cut, open book example of the crux so many are dutifully speaking out against. Awareness! It’s a story I foresee will inspire the unspoken, the afraid, those surrounded by shame and taboo to maybe speak. Whether its to speak out against their abusers or the abuser of a family member and if they are not ready to say #MeToo it may encourage entering the fight of increased awareness and bringing justice to open victims. MONI forces you to think about the disconnect between sexual/social boundaries and one’s own moral compass and depending on who’s watching, it may trigger certain feelings towards society especially the members of society you thought would out them for you, but kept quiet as well!
MONI, a must watch! Official release date to be determined.
Written By: Mojy Show
Co-Writer- Vivian
Director: Tunde Abiola
Producer: Mojy Show
Executive Producer: Babajide Badejo (Ten26 Productions)
DP: Oluwaseyi Thomas
Cast: Mojy Show, Conphidance, Sierra M Williams, Vanessa Njopse, Sika Chika Banini

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