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Hello there,
To be honest, I really did not know to keep tabs on interesting news and gist for me to kick start
#AmeboTime because of my daily schedule and meetings (urgh, and this is the digital age -_-) but for
what is worth here goes:
I’d first off like to introduce you to #AmeboTime it is an interactive platform(well, when you drop a
comment) where I, as an Experienced strategist and trained Content Creator analyze trending stories,
top gist, debunk rumors and trash gossip – I have a feeling it will be a jolly ride!
Today, I’d like to talk about Falz’s unpopular opinion or maybe subconsciously popular opinion on
prostitution and how you may be in a relationship or are married via transactional sex; this simply
means if you married or attracted to your spouse for money (first) – Guilty?
So recently, Falz had his album listening – would I call it a parry?. Loved the themed dress code by the
way, and then he called out to “feminists” and said “He hated transactional sex” – and bla bla – if you
need more info, please, kindly visit a section of this website.
Moving forward, a conversation started on twitter Nigeria, with so many “triggered” individuals
attacking and even lead to a twitter user, who suggested, Falz’s father, Femi Falana SAN (Have to put
some respeck on his name) might be a sugar daddy … This, I do not know o, abeg! (But if you would
want me to dig deep, please leave a comment below this post.

Now, I am not here to bore you, so I’d go straight to the point!
First off all, let’s go down low, biko! What is transactional sex; it simply connotes and explains (go on
Wikipedia to be clear on my point o) that before you say “Yes” to “will you be my Girlfriend?”, before we
have sex, before we even date, you have to be able to give me something. Even though, I am not asking
you to.
This also means, that if you have indirectly and subconsciously asked your Boyfriend for a bike fare or
pay for my taxify or Uber to meet him up for the first time or after two dates –you are guilty.
If you have eventually liked a guy genuinely or a girl genuinely (although, transactional sex common
amongst women) first for his/her brains or looks – You are not guilty – (I can imagine, you thought you
However, not to deviate; transactional sex is not complete, without an asker or receiver and Giver.
To be honest, Men should never assume every woman wants or is interested in your money – You are
also very guilty, in fact, na you support her entitled right to feel she wants to collect from you.
My words are, fornication is a sin and you should fear GOD.
Till my next post.

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