Business Mind: Surviving January

It is a known fact that January is one month of the year that feels like the longest, reason being that most people are broke or aren’t quite over the December holiday and celebration. January, the first and somewhat the toughest month for so many, especially salary earners is regarded as the longest month of the year. It is a month for new year school fees, house rent and other bills but most people probably got caught up in the festive season celebration and spent all their savings. People need to learn and understand that it won’t be of help to you if you ball all December and starve all January. Well, if you find yourself wondering how to survive the many days in this month with the little you have left, then here is how to get started.

  1. Budgeting- This is the very first thing you should do, write down the exact amount you have to spend then carefully allocate certain amounts to certain activities which will take you till the end of January, You can check out our last year tips on budgeting.
  2. Tracking – Once you have created your laid down budget, you need to start tracking every single Naira you spend, down to the last penny. This would allow you ensure that you don’t deviate from the previously set budget, this is for your own good.
  3. Cut it- January is the month that will make you realize that you are very creative and also you actually don’t need to rely on a lot of things. For example, if you live alone and you’re used to two pieces of meat on your Sunday rice, why not cut it down to 1? You save oil and save cost. Cut back on the luxuries and focus on the necessities, that is the only way you’re gonna get through January. Take stock of your more expensive vices and see what you can go without. Cut out that expensive junk food habit.
  4. Stay in – They say that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy but in this case all play and no money will make you broke!! As long as January is concerned, you need to cut back on the Friday nights, the Saturday outings and the after church chilling (unless someone else is paying). This is a very important tip to survive January.
  5. December- Finally, you need to learn how not to spend everything you have in December only to suffer in January. Enjoy the holidays but always have it at the back of your mind that there is still life after Christmas. If you do this then you won’t have to survive January, but just live it.

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