Guardiola Believes Manchester City Needs To Change Its Dynamic To Get Back To winning Ways

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola believes Manchester City needs to change the team’s dynamic after City lost further ground in chase of table topping Liverpool.

Speaking after his team’s latest loss to Leicester, which is the third in four games, he said; “As soon as possible we have to try to win again for our mood, our confidence and our desire. You have to be confident to play and to come back. I have to reflect and think about what the team needs and how to help them. That is what I am concerned about right now: what I have to do to help them come back, to [get them] playing the way they want to play, to move something and try to win again.

“Good results make miracles in the mind. Now there will be doubts but what we have to do is try to change the dynamic to win games and make good performances. But we are able to do that. I never doubt them.”

He also said the competition – precisely Liverpool and Tottenham have been really good, which is why Manhester City are in third.

“We have an incredible amount of points,” he said.

“In a normal situation we are fighting to be champions. But the reality is there are another two teams and they are better. But we are not thinking about if we are able to overtake Liverpool or whatever, that is not the issue. What I said last season when we had a big distance [at the top] was not to think about results, think about the games.”


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