Terrence Howard Proposes To Ex-Wife. The Couple Is Set To Marry For The Third Time

Empire star, Terrance Howard has proposed to his Ex-wife, Lori McCommas for the third time after the previous marriages ended in divorce.

The couple first got married in 1989 and divorced in 2003. They remarried again in 2005 and once again dissolved it in 2007.

After that, Terrence married another woman, Mira Pak in 2013, but she filed for divorce in 2015.

Terrence shared the news on Instagram: Thank you @benballer@ifandco The Most Gifted Jeweler in The World!!! Valentines coming soon, let’s show them how to truly Love your Woman! @jeanneyangstyle get ready this a family affair! @crustaceanbh thank you for making the night extra special. #bloodisthickerthanwaterbutloveisthegluethatbindsus

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