Tsunami In Indonesia Kills Over 200

At least 200 people were killed and hundreds more displaced, injured or missing after a tsunami hit the coastline of west java and Sumatra, Indonesia on Saturday.

The tsunami appeared to have been triggered by a combination of underwater landslides caused by the eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in the Sunda Strait that lies between the islands of Java and Sumatra. Reports have it that the tsunami has destroyed around 558 houses as well as nine hotels, 60 restaurants and 350 boats. Eyewitnesses describe hotels and houses being swept away by high water.

Part of those affected is an Indonesian pop band who were performing when the tsunami hit. The band, Seventeen, were performing when a stage collapsed in the Tanjung Lesung beach resort. One member of the band has been confirmed dead as well as the manager. Other members of the band are still missing.

According to Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, head of public relations at Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency., there were no warnings before the waves struck.

“We need multi-hazard early warning system,” Nugroho said. “And we need lots of it.”
“We used to know that a tsunami happens after an earthquake. There was no quake last night. That is why there was no warning,”
Residents inspect the damage to their homes on Carita beach on December 23.

Hundreds of people have been left injured after the tsunami hit.

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