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OSG Tweet Chat with Demola Expoze

It was an exciting Thursday on Twitter as the OSG team had an interesting tweet chat session with the amazing Social media guru and Influencer, Demola Expoze. Heres the conversation you might have missed:

Q: Hey guys!! It’s time for the with . . Hey Demola.

Demola- Thanks for having me on the #OSGTweetChat I’m honoured to be joining forces with @Olorisupergal Brand.

Q: We’re honoured to have you. So let’s get right to it. . Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Demola: My name is Demola Adetona Animal Scientist by Certificate Digital Mediapreneur by Practice I’m a small town boy with big dreams,I used my hunger quest for success to my advantage with life’s opportunities Growing up wasnt a lucky one, I’ve always been ruthlessly stubborn about my destiny. I’m allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in Progress simultaneously, but I must confess God has been good to me.

Q: Truly a masterpiece I must confess. Can you briefly tell us about the “Demola Expoze brand”

Demola: But, still loyal to some people I place on the high esteem
My Sister #OSG. On The Demola Expoze Brand ? Before the internet of things became viral, I’ve always had an eye for trends and taking advantage of them. I started with a Magazine back in my University days, EXPOZE, that was where I culled the name from The Demola Expoze brand is the persona that amplifies a brand’s voice on the digital space, mentor youths that are looking at taking advantage of Social media as a business tool & Yes, Tutoring is also one of the things I love doing. Still a work in Progress.

Q: Great work so far. In your own perspective, How would you describe the current social media scene in Nigeria?

Demola: Many thanks Numbers don’t lie, currently there are over 103million internet in Nigeria we passed the 100 million mark and 75% of them are on social media. It is a huge market to ignore. Some people still don’t trust the returns from social media, they probably must be doing it wrong – SM is still an evolving space, The budget is increasingly competing with Traditional media. – SM is still as powerful as ever, and yes it can disguise as a blessing if properly and strategically tapped into  We can’t forget the stories of the Shawarma Guy, Olajumoke and the recent viral turn around #OgiIyaPamilerin led by @ThePamilerin & friends

Q: Very true! Use it well and it will be good for you. Based on your status and popularity, would you consider yourself “an influencer”?

Demola -Yes I am an influencer, I funnel the mode of communication between brands and their TA (target Audience) I understand the buyer persona of my audience I know when to tag bananas if my ideal TA is Monkey, I also I know when to Tag snakes if my ideal is 36million.

Q: Good one! lol.  You make it sound easy though, shows how talented you are. Since you’ve been running a social media agency(EXPOZE NIGERIA) what are some challenges you have faced?

Demola: Sometimes your clients want to break the internet with zero budget Sometimes, they are too old-fashioned to jump on trends Sometimes the agency has a better understanding of the brand than the client and lastly Finding the right content for your audience is a major challenge, nowadays a 50-year old now behaves like a youth on the cyberspace All these challenges have and still shaping us into a better and stronger force.

Q: We must keep learning and growing! . How do you think social media has influenced the state of the country, Nigeria?

Demola – Both negative & positive but there’s more of the positives. Social media is now used to drive causes,(#EndSars, #EndASUUStrike #BBOG, we can now hold our leaders accountable even though there’s still limitations to the freedom of social media expression,  but the bill is still hanging somewhere. It has helped with job creations, there are more online businesses in Nigeria than anywhere in Africa. It’s the new Goldmine.

Q: And if utilized properly, there’s a lot of gold to be earned. . Can you mention some of your favourite influencers right now?

Demola- Plenty of them But these are few I scroll through their timelines daily @GalacticoHD @datGuyKOFO @Chydee @FemiFactor @LazyWrita @IamFemiJoseph @Bhaadosky @Ebuka_Akara @ShawttyNatt @TweetOracle @ElsieIsy & @TheTosinAjibade

Q: Amazing set of people you got there! . On a final note, what’s your favourite meal?

Demola- Agege Bread and Egg

Q: Thank you for doing this, was fun having you.

Watch out for another exciting conversation with another amazing personality.



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