Press Release

Introducing The New Domino’s Pizza App!!

Get in here Pizza lovers! Your favourite pizza company has just unlocked a new level, right at your fingertips. You can now place your order for your favourite flavours with its innovative new website. This website is extremely easy to use, super-fast and gives you mega savings. With just a few clicks, you’ll discover awesome deals, just right on time for Christmas. How amazing!

What’s more? The new website takes note of your pizza preferences as it allows you save your “easy orders” that’s basically your favourite pizza or sides to get and keeps track of your order history. You can also customize the toppings on your pizza to your choice. Think about convenience during this festive season while still getting to enjoy the best and juiciest flavours by following these quick and easy steps;

? Log on to the website
? Select Menu to choose from the various pizza choices, sides and extras.
? Review order, make payments
? Place order
? Go to store to pick up pizza or get your pizza delivered just right on time. You also can
track your orders via the website! How cool…

Take advantage of the latest website and you can count on Domino’s Pizza for that yummy
experience you have been wishing for. Your order is just a click away!

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