Diamond Platnumz Banned From Performing

The Tanzanian regulatory arts board, Basata has banned Diamond Platnumz from performing after the Tanzanian musician performed one of his songs that was banned because of its ‘immoral’ content.

Diamond Platnumz performed the banned song, Mwanza at a festival in the port city of Mwanza.

The song Mwanza was banned because it contained sexual lyrics, and dance moves authorities say were inappropriate.

The authorities subsequently banned Diamond Platinumz and Rayvanny who was featured on the song performing outside Tanzania. However, it is unclear how this can be achieved.

The Tanzanian authorities are known for such moves after also banning members of the country’s parliament from wearing coloured wigs, fake eyelashes and fixing artificial nails.

Diamond Platinumz who has featured Waje and Iyanya has won the MTV Africa Awards for Best Live Act for his “Diamond” performance.


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