Chelsea Sacked Mourinho On 17th Of December, 2018. Is Another Sack Imminent For The Portuguese?

Is another payday imminent for Mourinho?

At least, I think that’s how the former Madrid Manager would like to see things. And that can’t be hard to envisage if you look at his team’s performance during the course of this season. What comes to mind is toothless, lethargic and generally without direction.

And nothing epitomises United and Mourinho’s failures like what we saw against Liverpool earlier today. Of course we all saw it coming, but seeing the gulf in class between Manchester United and Liverpool was a rude awakening, especially for most United fans who are still blind to how bad the team is, or the Mourinho apologists, who believe the problem is time and money, and not Mourinho’s tired and

It wasn’t about the result perse but about the performance and attacking inpetus. Liverpool could have blitzed United easily and it wouldn’t have flattered them. Infact the 3-1 result flattered United. That was how wide the gulf between the two teams were, and even Mourinho won’t be able to explain his way out of this. Shoving three fingers in the air wont work either.


United had 6 shots on target. While that data in isolation doesn’t look bad away to Liverpool, the 36 shots they conceded makes it look really meagre. Unlike against Arsenal last season where they were massively outplayed but managed to come away with points, this game showed exactly where the team is – which is far away from the elites, and possibly not good enough for the top four even.  And that is all that to Mourinho and maybe the United Boardroom who can’t seem to get their recruitment right. They appointed and sacked David Moyes and then rinsed and dried with Van Gal. At least, one would think they should have gotten better with experience. Instead, they find themselves on the brink of another sacking.

Another Mourinho Payday?

17th December, 2015. That was the day Chelsea sacked Mourinho after he took them to the brink of relegation. And tomorrow makes it exactly three years to the  day. Chelsea also gave him a much celebrated return, and he rewarded them with a League Title before the expected third year syndrome kicked in. United don’t even have that.

Is another sack imminent?

After watching United’s toothless performance, anything is possible.


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