Cardi B Hits Back At Those Saying Her Relationship With Offset Was A PR Stunt

After Cardi B announced her separation from Offset last week, there were a lot of speculations that the relationship was a ruse to boost their careers.

Cardi B has now come out to deny that assertions. In an Instagram story, she said: “Y’all gotta understand, there’s a kid involved,

“Ain’t no type of publicity that I would ever want that would have my daughter looking at me crazy when she gets older.”

She then denied it was all a PR stunt: “I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying my relationship was fake,” she started

“Bitch, there’s certain things called love, you know, people do fall in love.

“My relationship was never fake. I met this n—a, he was on my ass, I gave him a chance and we fell in love with each other, things was not always gravy because at the end of the day we are two different people. But we never did anything for fcking publicity, bitch. You think I got fcking pregnant, could have ruined my career for f*cking publicity?”

She accepted she might have moved too fast “A lot of people saying I moved too fast,” Cardi started. “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. I don’t know. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. But shit happens. People fall in love. People get married. People have kids. I don’t regret anything because at the end of the day I have my daughter. She’s beautiful, gorgeous, funny. I love her. It’s the best thing.”

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