OSG tweet chat with Folayemi Joshua

It was an exciting Thursday on Twitter as the OSG team had an interesting tweet chat session with the amazing content creator, Folayemi Joshua. Heres the conversation you might have missed:

Q: Hey guys!!! It’s time for the #OSGtweetchat with @folayemijoshua_  . Hello Folayemi??

Ok, let’s get to it. . Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Folayemi – My names are Joshua Tosin Folayemi; Lawyer, Fashion, Lifestyle & Media Enthusiast. 2nd child of 5 born in Lagos, Nigeria

Q- Great great! . How was the just concluded ? .

Folayemi – The just concluded was a huge success I must say. It was an avenue for digital heavyweights & enthusiast as well as fintechs, communication gurus and the likes to come together and deliberate on the future of Digital in Nigeria.

I would say we can only look forward to better and bigger editions in the future. But in all the 2018 #LagosDigitalSummit was a great success! #OSGTweetchat #folayemijoshua

Q- Nice!! We can’t wait for the next one.  Can you tell us about the challenges you faced during that period?

Folayemi – Personally, I was serving in various capacities to ensure the event was a good success. At that time I was just posted to serve and it was quite challenging having to work from camp and sort out things in Lagos but I am really grateful the event turn out great. Then when you have to work with a lot of hands, it’s always challenging cause of various human characters. So I had to manage so many personalities & make sure everyone did what was expected of them as at when due. But in all it was a learning process for me.

Q- We’re glad it was a success. . Tell us a bit about the “Folayemi brand”

Folayemi – Lol, I would call it a Folayemi Joshua brand. I am a Lawyer and a practicing one. I have interests in fashion, lifestyle and the media space too. I am a Manager with @MustardelsMedia and I would be launching a fashion line soon! So watch out #OSGTweetChat

Q- Great great, sounds really prestigious. Since you are basically a digital market, what are your thoughts on digital marketing in Nigeria?

Folayemi- Well, to put the records straight, I am not a Digital Marketer. Digital Marketing is a whole lot than just having a lot of followers on social media and putting such title on your bio. People get trained to be Digital Marketers & …Which is totally different from the work of a digital marketer. A Digital marketer is more about strategizing, knowing the best medium to reach your target audience and there are various tools and ways they get to know these…..I don’t have a problem with people being Digital Marketers but get the relevant training so we don’t just have a saturated industry filled with people without thorough knowledge of that field. Thanks

Q- Interesting!!! . How is it being a “content creator”?

Folayemi- Okay…a content creator as the name implies is to create content ??. Well a content creator helps develop pieces/graphics/write-ups that are being posted on various social media platforms. It’s always fun having to create stuff from nothing you know, It’s being a fun ride having to create contents for social media pages and campaigns. Thanks

Q- Lool great!! . On a final note, who are the few individuals you look up to??

Folayemi- I don’t have particular persons I look up to but I have diverse persons I pick one or two things from in various areas. Few of them are my parents, elder brother, @iSlimfit my Oga boss, Mai Atafo, Swanky etc the list is endless

Q- Lol great great.
Well we’ve come to the end of another #OSGtweetchat.  Thank you for doing this @folayemijoshua_

Folayemi – It was an absolute pleasure. ??????


The OSG tweet chat is held every thursday by 1pm on the twitter platform. Make sure to watch out for the next session!!!

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