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OSG Recap 2018- Top trending topics

2018 was quite an eventful year, Nigerians also proved that they have the special skill of making the best out of every situation, they always look for a joke in serious situation. Social media is a major platform that brings Nigerians together and is definitely an escape from the problems of this hard country. With that being said, it is no surprise that every month comes with it’s own social media trend.

Lets take a walk down memory lane as we present you with a recap of the top trends in 2018-

  1. January- Sex Doll- The month of January was crazy with the topic of Sex dolls, it was really the talk of the town. Social media went crazy with the talk of sex dolls and even celebrities like Wiz kid couldn’t help but join the conversation. The image of the lifelike doll was posted early on Monday, January 15, 2018 on Twitter. The curvaceous doll trended soon enough and had many Nigerians talking about it. The doll itself costs $2,2,89 which is over N800,000. The comments about the doll were hilarious, check some out –





To crown it all, Nigerian musician Shuga Shaa even bought one for himself and named her ‘Tontoh’

  1. February – Snake swallowed 36 million naira – In February, it was reported that 36 million Naira was missing from the JAMB office and upon investigations, the only excuse they could come up with was that a snake had swallowed it, ridiculous!!. I still don’t understand how that is even possible. Well, the internet went crazy over the news, some found it funny while others found it straight up disrespectful to Nigerians.





  1. March – Monkey swallowed – Yet another round of straight up foolishness from the Ogas at the top. In March, it wasn’t snake that swallowed money ooo but another animal, this time 70million Naira vanished into the belly of a beast, a monkey to be precise. Well, issokayy!!





  1. April – Lazy Nigerian Youths – In April the president also got his fair share of attention when he called Nigerian Youths, Lazy!!! Our President referred to Nigerian Youths as Lazy while speaking at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster in April 2018. It did not sit well at all with the population, and trust Nigerians to bring him to order.

  1. May – Transmission Transfusion- This was hilarious!!!

Assurance – Davido and Chioma were also the stars of May. Davido finally became public about his relationship with Chioma. He recorded the Assurance song for Chioma and gifted her a 45m Naira porsche on her 25th birthday.

  1. June- Berger to Ajah – This story was basically about a girl who went from Berger to Ajah to collect coughs. If you live in Lagos or you’ve ever been here, you’ll definitely know that Berger and Ajah are like the beginning and the end of Lagos. Plot twist, she took a bike all the way. She accused the guy of raping her,which apparently turned out to be false, yikes!!


  1. July – Na dem dey rush us – Apparently, the phrase sprung up from a scene in a old Nigerian movie and for some reason it caught the attention of whoever started this trend. In the video, the character Chijioke (Charles Inojie) is pictured telling a woman he was trying to woo, Kate (Ruth Kadiri). ’Bobrisky was among the celebrities who caught the ‘na dem rush’ bug and he took to Instagram to disclose the people ‘rushing’ him. According to the Nigerian cross dresser ‘na politicians dey am. This trend soon became a slang among Nigerians.

  1. August – Dancing senetor
  1. September – Disappearing body parts – This was less of a joke and more of a problem. It became a trend for strangers to touch a person and a part of that persons body disappears. This was mostly happening to men around Nigeria and the major body part being taken was the manhood.

  2. October –  Everywhere stew – Wizkid sure knows how to get people talking. Its no news that the starboy and pop star, Tiwa savage were rumored to be dating and both parties never opened up about these rumors, instead decided to add kerosene to the fire. Wizkid dropped a very intimate video with his “bestie” back in october and the internet went wild.

  1. November – Benz, iwatch, iphone – A boy of 19 yrs, bought a Benz & Iphone X Max for his girlfriend on her 16th year Birthday, the video went viral and as usual the internet went crazy. Plot twist, apparently baba stole his brother in law’s money and bought benz, iphoneXs max and iwatch for the bae forgetting it would go viral. Goals indeed.

So what do you think Decembers trend would be?? Well stay tuned lol

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