After Being Announced As Oscar Host, Kevin Hart’s Old Homophobic Tweets Have Surfaced And Then Disappeared

Just a little over 24 hours after Kevin Hart was named as host of the 2019 Academy Awards scheduled for February, his old homophobic tweets surfaced.

The tweets, that stopped in 2011, after Kevin Hart’s first major film, contained homophobic slurs like f*g and others. At first, Hart posted a non-answer about the issue, choosing instead to talk about the toxicity of the internet and how it is the place for “angry people”

And this comes at a time the Oscars is recognising and rewarding queer films like Boy Erased, and Bohemian Rhapsody. Lady Gaga, a LGBTQ icon is also nominated for Best Actress. It isn’t known yet how the Academy will react to the new development as it may overshadow the show.

After his tweets, some of the homophobic tweets were deleted.

Some of the now deleted tweets include:

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