OSG tweet chat with Bernard Kalu

It was an exciting Thursday on Twitter as the OSG team had an interesting tweet chat session with the talented documentary photographer, Bernard Kalu. Heres the conversation you might have missed:

Q: It’s time for the OSG tweet chat with . Hey Bernard!!!

Bernard: Hello! . Glad to be on this chat 🙂

Q; Great!!! So tell us a little about yourself and your career.

Bernard: I am Bernard Kalu. I’m Christian, Nigerian – from Abia State. Living in Lagos Nigeria. I’m a photographer – a visual story teller. & I like Beans 🙂 lol. Photography as a career path began for me some years ago. It started when I was searching for a form of expression! 1/3

  • a form of expression I could readily commit myself to and do. After school, knowing that I wasn’t interested in the regular 7-7 job lifestyle and the jobs weren’t even available at the time – I decided to pour myself into learning and making something out of Photography. 2/3

The possibility of storing feelings, emotions, facts in a medium and being able to retrieve it anytime and anyplace fascinated and till date still fascinates me 🙂 3/3

Q: Wow!!! Seeing that you have such a passion for photography, can you tell us more about the “Bernard Kalu Brand” in regards to photography.

Bernard: Bernard Kalu is a documentary photographer focusing on social and environmental issues. Based in Nigeria & available to travel worldwide on assignments. You can see some of my works on Also just recently collaborated with a colleague to create.. 1/2

Also just recently partnered with a colleague to create the biggest collaboration in Nigerian wedding photography sector – a luxury wedding photography brand called Verteller Studios. It’s the best thing to happen to the wedding photography industry! You all watch out for it!

Q: Have y’all heard?? Watch out for it!!!! We are really looking forward to it. How do you think photography is influencing the state of the country?

Bernard: Personally, I think Photography is influencing the country positively – however, there’s still so much work to be done in telling our stories as it should be told. In recent past, we’ve had works of some photographers highlight the challenges in the state and continent… 1/3

…and thereby raise conversations and solutions about the issues. I hope more upcoming photographers wake up to the responsibility of using their art/work as a medium to inspire social good. There’s more to chasing profit (seeking only event, portrait gigs etc). 2/3

Also, there’s been an immense rise in the number of photographers in the country like never before – so in the area of job opportunities, photography has met the need to an extent – more young people have found a means of livelihood doing photography. 3/3

Q: You’re making a lot of good points and giving us a bit of food for thoughts. Great! That being said can your share some of the challenges you’ve faced, being a photographer in Nigeria.

Bernard: The challenges I’ve faced as a photographer aren’t so different from the average challenges the ‘Nigerian Entrepreneur’ face on a daily basis. The country’s system is messy & can be a whole lot better. There’s the issue of how expensive it is to run the business and the lack 1/2

..of basic amenities like power. Another big one is the meager value the regular Nigerian puts on photographs/art. Many of them fail to realise that a product so priceless, ought to be expensive. Art is invaluable. 2/2

Q: Yet another amazing point and for all the photograpers and aspiring photographers out there. Thank you. Who are some of your favorite photographer’s? if you dont mind

Bernard: Over the years there’s been a lot of them – too many to mention. In no particular order the likes of Tavepong Pratoomwong, Segun Olotu, Jide Alakija, Andrew Esiebo, Tom Saater, Kanayo Adibe, Victor Lax, Marius Tudor, Mauricio.. have been channels of inspiration to me.

Q: Amazing set of people i must confess. Great!! So on a final note, here is a What would you do if beans was banned today?

Bernard: What will I do? Oh ? Hmm I’ll probably have to start growing or smuggling it in lool! Nothing crazy!

Q: Lool! We have come to the end of this session of the . Thank you so much for taking time out to do this. We appreciate you  Enjoy the rest of your day!!

Bernard: Its been an utmost pleasure. Thank you too for having me. Cheers!

The OSG tweet chat is held every thursday by 1pm on the twitter platform. Make sure to watch out for the next session!!!

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