Iron Lady

Everyday @ 18h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Indira seems to be caught between her responsibility as a citizen and her responsibility as a mother. Rajrani sees that there is a broken relationship between Indira and Indu and he decides to exploit it by blackmailing Indira. Rishi is afraid that Indu may pay the price if Rajrani is exposed, but will he dare to go against his wife’s decisions? A new victim turns up and it turns to be Shweta, and Indira feels that she needs to continue protecting her from the man trying to kill her. She makes a decision about Shweta that may hurt her family. Indira sees that the only way to prove to Indu why she has to be the strict person she is, is to give Indu the freedom to carry the weight of taking care of a lazy family.

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