Useful Things to Keep in Your Car

A lot of people focus their attention on what’s on the outside of cars, or under the hood, but isn’t the comfort of the inside important?

Well, let me give you some tips on how you can make in inside of your car more comfortable and functional.

Get a CD organizer – Back in the day, it was all about having a CD organizer on your sun visor.

CDs might have gone by the wayside, but there are still lots of awesome options for your sun visors that will help keep your car organized and resourceful.

Get a good phone holder – There are all kinds of ways to stash your phone in your car, but if you use Google Maps to get around, I’d recommend a phone holder that fits onto a vent.

With this system, you avoid making any permanent modifications to your dashboard, and it’s easy to see your directions.



Jumper cables- These are one of the things that you don’t want to spend the money on…until your car breaks down and you’re cursing yourself for not picking them up.

Buy a good set, learn how to use them, and toss ’em in your trunk. Hopefully you’ll never need them — but honestly, you probably will.

“Car battery with jumper cables, close-up.

An on-the-go cleaning station –  If you have little ones (or just enjoy eating in your car), you know that cars tend to attract messes.

Prevent this by making baby wipes and hand sanitizer easily accessible. It may not beat a full-on detailing, but keeping some of these products in your door compartment can help keep messes under control.

Sunglasses – Just about every driver has found themselves in a situation, at dawn or dusk, where the sun is absolutely blinding and there are no shades in sight.

Pick up a couple of cheap pairs (or even some promotional freebies) and stash them in your car for those sunny days where you’ve forgotten your Ray-Bans.

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