Khashoggi Was Strangled Immediately He Entered The Consulate And His Body Dismembered – Turkish Investigators

Turkish Investigators have said that Saudi Journalist’s, Khashoggi was strangled immediately he entered the Saudi consulate in Turkey and his body dismembered, the Turkish Chief Prosecutor has said.

The whole move points to a premeditated plan which was hatched at the top of Saudi intelligence with the knowledge of the Crown Prince, the investigators believe.

Investigators also believe the Washington Post writer died from suffocation, but admits they don’t know the whereabout of the body, which the Saudi authorities said was given to an outside partner to dispose of.

This comes after Turkish President, Erdogan called for a joint investigation between Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Khashoggi had gone to the Saudi consulate in Turkey to get his divorce papers as he plans to marry his Turkey girlfriend and has not been seen since then.

Saudi first denied been involved in his disappearance but have since backtracked many times. Their latest was that he died in a scuffle with Saudi officers in the consulate. Turkey though have said that the officers – numbering 15 in total were imported from Saudi Arabia for that purpose specifically.



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