Social Addicts ( How Social Media has become the center of our lives)

If there was no social media again, what would you do?
This is probably a hard question considering the era we are now.
The world is unifying into a global stage through social media.
Which is a good thing yea?
There’s so much more to do and learn from social interactions.
From posting hilarious contents to posting daily life experiences to brands and business owners taken advantage to grow and build their Businesses, to leading a revolution or competition or a challenge.
We can’t overemphasize on the benefits of social media, no doubt!
But how are we utilizing this ?
how has social media sharpen us? Who have we become? What has changed?
What was the first thing that came to your mind when Instagram IG went down?
Twitter? Facebook? Or moving to other social platforms?
How about the fear of loosing all your contents and your followership base.
For some people , they had little or no worries about what would happen next but talking about brands and business owner that would have been a short period of terror.
This goes to show that social media has a major impact in our lives either for the good or worse.
However we should take full advantage of the benefits of social media and not be swayed by it’s negativity.

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