Now that Ethiopia Has Done It Too, Do You Think Nigeria Is Ready For its First Female President?

With the election of its first Female President by its Parliament Ethiopia recorded a significant milestone in its country’s history.  Sahle-Work Zewade who prior to her election was a Diplomat with the United Nations now joins former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in a very exclusive club of female African Heads of States and in doing so has accomplished a monumental stride for movements bordering on gender equality and women’s rights.

Sahle-Work’s victory, which by extension is a victory for Ethiopia, inevitably makes other nations look inwards and ponder when they too will witness such a historic levelling of the political playing field gender-wise. With our general elections in Nigeria mere months away and for the first time with an incredibly viable female candidate in the person of Dr Oby Ezekwesili running for the office of President, one wonders if Nigeria’s time has finally come. Will Nigeria finally be able to boast of a credible female President and strike a massive blow to the high level of patriarchy that exists in our country?

It certainly would be a huge feat for the most populous black nation on earth to have this milestone to its credit but many questions still linger in the minds of Nigeria. Is Nigeria ready for a female President? Will Nigerians willingly vote for a female presidential candidate even though she’s qualified and credible? Do women like Dr Ezekwesili stand a chance in Nigeria’s very patriarchal society or are they just wasting their time? In this video I talk about all this and attempt to get a conversation going.

Is Nigeria ready for a female President? Watch and share your thoughts.

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