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Tips for marketing on Instagram

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Instagram can be a powerful marketing outlet for your business. The social media platform has around 800 million active monthly users, 25 million of which are business accounts. However, most businesses do not know how to properly utilize the platform, here are a few tips to improve the effect of your marketing process-
1. Look to Your Competitors – This might sound odd to some people but your competitors can be a great source of inspiration for your own Instagram posts. You should try to research what they are doing, what their daily Instagram activity is like and how they do their posts

  1. Make use of Instagram stories and polls – Stories sit prominently at the top of the feed which makes them easily noticeable. Give followers and others a quick peek into what your account is about and stir up their interest to actually go to your page.

  2. Advertise with videos- Asides from regular posting of pictures to get a few comments, people engage more when it comes to videos and messages are better passed across. Focus on more videos less text, some Nigerians are lazy readers so it is easier to get your message across with a video than text. Utilize this technique and watch your business grow.

  3. Ask yourself if you would be interested in the feed- Don’t create content with your perspective only, put yourself in your audience shoes and find out if you were them would you be interested in that post.

  4. Original content- Asides from the regular copy and paste, reposting viral videos and the likes you should also try and come up with original contents that your target audience might be interested in. This original content stirs up the interest of people because they are seeing what they haven’t seen anywhere else.

  5. Use paid ads- If you really want to move your digital marketing campaign you have to be ready to invest. Compared to any other social network, Instagram has the most engagement, and in just four years. Don’t allow only people following your account to see your photos and updates, promote your content to anyone within their target audience. Instagram advertisement is comparatively cheap and hence is one of the best paid advertisement option.

  6. Focus On Engagement-Based Content – Focus on contents that would actually get people talking. Don’t just post and go, post content that makes people want to ask questions and comment. You always need to stay focused on engagement-based content rather than promotional.

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