Alicia Keys Surprises Hubby With A Luxurious Ride For His 40th Birthday

Popular singer Alicia Keys gifted her husband Swizz Beatz a luxurious new ride in celebration of his hitting the big 40.
The singer presented the gift in a ceremonious way, blind-folding her husband before leading him to his gift, which was not a special meal at a “ninja restaurant” as he was made to believe. Alicia Keys made sure nobody blew the surprise. She even gave TMZ’s film crew directions to stay silent during the whole affair.

When the birthday boy spotted his new 2019 Aston Martin Vantage, Swizz exclaimed, “Jesus!” He follows up his praise for the Lord with an adlib-like declaration: “Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom.”
Then he took his first ride in the car.

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