AFRICAN G by Olufemi The Great – Olu Balogun; writer and author of Obsession, releases his first music single

 Olu Balogun, whose music name is OTG (Olufemi The Great), is the author of the popular new romantic short novel ‘Obsession’.

Obsession - olorisupergal.com

Proving that his also a poet, in addition to being a writer, he has decided to share his musical vision with the world.

Oufemi the great - olorisupergal.com

AFRICAN G, he says, is his first musical single and a song that will always be special to him. The song reveals his evolved, new age musical style. He effortlessly combines rap and afrobeat, to create a rich African sound that can be enjoyed internationally.

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Olu Balogun’s new novel, Obsession, has sold over ten thousand copies nationwide, since it was released in June, and it continues to sell.

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