Kim Kardashian’s followers goes NAKED to sell eye shadow

kim Kardashian - Olorisupergal

Reality Tv show star, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Thursday to post pictures of her latest shoot to promote her new Flashing Lights Collection which offers new jewel toned eyeshadow colors and fans went wild after seeing the pictures.

The diva, who will turn 38-years-old on Sunday, was naked as she partially covered her chest with her fingers and had only the corner of a silver sheer over her lower half. Her fans immediately went crazy with comments with one saying, ‘U have a husband and kids!’ and another asking, ‘Is she selling boobs or something?’. Her caption read, ‘A little silver eye this morning!’ but fans asked if she did not have any other creative ways to sell eyeshadow.

kim Kardashian - Olorisupergal

Kim Kardashian

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