Popular Nigerian dance group Dream catchers have once again gotten the attention of another American star singer. This time its the award winning rapper Cardi B.

The Dream Catchers, are a team of underprivileged children whose welfare from education to shelter are taken care of by the group’s founder, Seyi Oluyole. Seyi uses dance to encourage them to stay in school.

Rihanna, Naomi and P. Diddy have also shared a clip of the dance group before, appreciating the children’s skills.
“All our lives, people have looked down on us, but an acknowledgment from Diddy has given us hope,” they said on Instagram. Speaking about the dance crew, Rihanna said:

“I speak on behalf of the entire social media when I say you really brought pure joy to our spirits just by seeing how happy you are when you dance!

Cardi B also recently wrote on Instagram
“So one of my fans @immanuel_ale tag me in this video from @dreamcatchersda and it really amaze me and make me smile how music ,rhythm it’s enjoyable and it’s all around the world.This is Soo beautiful to me and it put the biggest smile on my face ?I LIKE IT it’s a song that makes me want to dance and celebrate it glad everyone around the world feels the same ! @jbalvin @badbunnypr HELLO NIGERIA !”

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