Reasons why Lagos is Amazing!!!

Lagos, sprawls inland from the Gulf of Guinea across Lagos Lagoon. It is a diverse city, filled with people from all ethnic backgrounds. It is popularly known as the centre of excellence. Every state, country, community has its downsides but why focus on the negative, most people claim to “dislike” Lagos because of its crazy traffic sometimes but there is so much more to the city of Lagos and am here to tell you a few reasons why Lagos is simply a place to be.

1.Beaches- Lagos is surrounded by water bodies. Thus, there are numerous sandy beaches with beautiful scenries which are suitable for picnics and recreation. Visitors from other cities and even from abroad can visit these beaches during their vacation but the Lagosians visit whenever they want to have fun especially during the weekends.




  1. Nightlife- I can confidently say that Lagos has one of the most interesting nightlife in all of Nigeria. There are usually so many shows to attend and parties to get your groove on and if that ain’t your thing you could just savour the taste of chilled beer in a local bar or drain down a glass of wine in a classic wine lounge. There is something for everyone in Lagos Nightlife, never a dull moment in this city!!

Night life

  1. Luxury Hotels and event centres- Lagos is home to several 5-star hotels and more luxurious hotel. If you’re in Lagos and you’re looking for comfort outside your home then there is a long list of hotels that you can cool off in literally every corner of Lagos. lol


  1. Lagos the gateway!!- Thinking of crossing the border? Lagos has a land border to Benin Republic through which you can travel to many other West African countries like Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia etc by road. With free movement of personnel among West African countries, the residence of Lagos transact their businesses across these countries with ease.


5.Lagos the global city- With large international and domestic economies behind Lagos, it has become one of the top global economic centres in Africa. You will find a large population of nationals of all countries of the world in the city. Multinational companies usually also have their branch offices in this city.



  1. Owambe!!- This is a term that is usually used to describe weddings or groovy parties. Lagos parties are very colorful and unique; the trendy clothes, assorted kind of foods, large gathering of friends and families, with very loud music lol.


  1. Large markets- The population of Lagos is estimated to be about 21 million. This includes people of all economic strata with high demand for both consumer and industrial goods. If you have products to sell or services to render and profit is one of your motives, Lagos is a great city to live in.


  1. The entertainment capital of Africa- If you want to meet the likes Falz, Olamide, Davido, Tiwa Savage, Teni etc, you’ll probably meet them in Lagos.The same is true for the stand-up comedians.


  1. Easy access to the Holy city – Lagos is the home to most religious camps such as, Prayer City, Synagogue Church of all Nations,Winners Chapel etc, residence have regular access to these holy grounds.

Religous ground


So tell me why you won’t love lagos!!!

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