“I am Still looking for the right Woman”- Falz

Popular rapper, actor and t.v presenter, Folarin Falana, popularly known as FalztheBahdGuy, has disclosed that he is single and ‘still looking for the right woman’.

“I am still looking for the right woman, even though I am not really searching for a wife but when the time comes, I would know.” He declared in an interview with newsmen.

He also revealed the qualities that the ‘right woman’ must possess;

“When it comes to my ideal lady, I am more concerned about intellect. I want someone that is smart and ambitious; those are my two most important features in a woman.”

And talking about one of his trademarks, his glasses without the lens, the singer jokingly said, “As for my ‘lensless’ glasses, it is the way it was recommended to me without the lens, also, I am very comfortable with my grey beard because it is a symbol of wisdom.”

And finally, the singer spoke concerning his music and acting .
“I do not believe that I am biting more than I can chew, combining my music career with acting because so far, I have been able to chew everything that I have bitten. Nothing has fallen out of my mouth and if that happens, maybe I would stop biting. But for now, I am biting, chewing and swallowing very well.”

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